Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Welcome to The Gorilla in the Mist. In this blog I will be discussing a number of subjects, disciplines and ongoings that are of an interest to me. I hope that along the way I will have allowed you to learn something new about the world around us and simultaneously I hope that along the way I will adapt my ways of thinking and realise the world in a greater depth than I already do.

This world is the only one we have and to me, the distribution of information is vital for society to progress, whether this relates to information in the form of knowledge, wisdom or the free market principles that have become so heavily implanted within our economic beliefs. I believe all are important to a fully functioning society in which an individual has the potential to grow and learn within an environment that allows future prosperity.

As such my main aim with this blog is to provide an interesting and alternative insight to the world around us and see where this path leads when assessing both the greater picture and the micro scale.

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